Monday, May 25, 2009

Head ON! : Land of the Lost

The only asset these village folk have is their land.

They have lots of land.

That's it. No money. No gold. No PTPTN loans. Just land.

So the only way to help them would be to assist them in making full use of their land.

They each have around one acre of land each.

So one of the most suitable plants for them to try and cultivate, would be lemongrass. Pandan. Curry leaves. And papaya.

We are swamp rats. So these things grow well on our land.

After meeting with the headman, he threw those ideas. Fantastic!

Now, my job is twofold.

Research the available markets for said projects, work out the logistics and the quantum.

As soon as the headman works out the mechanics and how to plant the damned things, I will need to search for funds.

Since I am a CRIMINAL! By PTPTN standards, I will not handle a single cent.

Instead, I have identified two tax-deductible foundations to house this thing under.

That's for economic projects.

As for food and clothing, it will go through some organisations and foundations.

The headman also suggested home improvement projects as well as constructing new homes for poor people.

There are two families right now living in really squallid conditions. One family doesn't even has a home.

They squat at a hut beside the mosque.

As soon as I get a camera back to Kuantan, I'll show you what needs to be done and the projects we intend to do.

Hopefully, by then, you would come and give ME - I mean, give the poor people money for the projects.

Head ON!