Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Redza Minhat



Rodek, Rodek.

People said this is my friend Redza Minhat's (aka Rodek's) picture.

Some choice comments from a popular forum thread:

"Merembes air mak." (My fluids are being produced from some unauthorised gland somewhere down there.)

"Barang kemas segumbuaris!" (Big Dick.)

"Ni mix cimcimeri ke?" (Mutt?)


For people who know Rodek personally, this has been a big joke. In more ways than one.

For one, Rodek is not homosexual. You hear me? Rodek is not homosexual! Okay?

Rodek has a girlfriend who allowed me to post this picture of NOT-Rodek here. And the girlfriend said that Rodek is definitely not homosexual!

Secondly, Rodek does not have six-pack abs. Well, I wouldn't know. Not really. It was too dark to see.

What I do know is that while Rodek is nothomosexual, he likes to engage in lengthy, intellectual discourses.

And when I say discourses, I meant, conversations. And when I say conversations, I meant yapping.

He's like an American.

"Let me tell you something!"

"I'm just gonna say this!"

In fact, he reminds me of me - a guy who can't stop talking to save his life.

I do not think he is interested in gay relationships. Or Cheepork. He's just an ordinary juburjuis making his way in the world. And doing plays by the side.

Wait. He's in performing arts?

No way, man! He is definitely not homosexual!