Monday, May 25, 2009

Kuantan Legal

Theme Song:

Whoop-dod. Net ne-neurrr!

Whoop-dod! Net ne-neurrr!


Neu-net whoop-dod. OUTLAW!

My trial is at 2pm, but to understand the environment, I went at around 9.30am.

I have always found it slightly easier to do anything once I understand the terrain.

And thankfully so, as I found out that the location for my trial is not at the court complex in Kuantan which houses the magistrate, sessions and high court.

Mine is around 5 minutes away, on foot, at the civil magistrate court. Just beside Klinik Hamdan.

If I had arrived at 1pm, I would have been unprepared and could have been late.

The court is designed to be imposing and intimidating to novices. And it is quite confusing and unhelpful since there are no reception areas or visible information counters.

Fortunately, even though I find the layout unhelpful, the people were quite friendly and eager to assist.

I was redirected to this magistrate court and am now having coffee with some lawyers at a cafe outside.

I have several hours to kill. All according to plan.

As I need to get myself in the right frame of mind.

I also brought with me a short story anthology to help pass the time.

More updates later.