Friday, May 15, 2009


I spent most of last night talking with an old friend.

Instead of now-nauseating 'those were the days' conversations, we talked about 'these are the days' stuff.

How some people changed.

It's amazing how easily people can forget what people had done for them or to them - good or bad. Or even what they had done for or to people.

I have never forgotten, no matter how that would be of any advantage or disadvantage to me. Used to trouble me a lot, but these days, I shelve them for later analysis.

And it is always a sign of who and what you are based on how you treat people. I'm no fucking angel, I know that, but some people are just beyond me. In more ways than one.

All I can say is that, wheels turn, man.

Anyway, we were generally catching up on stuff while discussing our many projects together. There should be a very small, very private dinner party sometime soon. I wanted to use 'soiree' but that would be too pretentious.

Am now waiting for a cab to take me to the next meeting.

I haven't been back to my apartment in more than 24 hours. Tomorrow, like the Jews, I will rest.