Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things To Do

Lots of work to do. I am moving to Damansara, to be closer to PTPTN so I can send the Shylocks a pound of my flesh easier.

I am also finalising the fourth draft of a script tonight, and also the third draft of another script tonight as well.

I have set up meetings for Friday, Sunday and next Monday. I also have to call a lorry to get my mattress and pillows, chair and bookcase to my new home.

Called the cleaner I am familiar with and she has agreed to clean my new place as well. Once a week at RM30 for two hours (plus cab fares). I might as well give her RM40. Because she doesn't charge me extra.

Also, I need to scrape some things off my old apartment's floor and apply a coat of varnish on the paquet/paquette/whatever.

I also need to start collecting money owed to me. In my ever living campaign.

It's tough, being an ancient spirit of EVIL. But hey, beats being a politician.