Thursday, May 14, 2009


A number of people has accused me of multi-tasking.


What the fuck do I look like? A woman?

No, man. I am doing A LOT of stuff, but I do them, one by one.

That's why I need some time, cause I organise stuff in a round-robin kind of way. One after another.

Emergency requests generally throw me off, cause my schedule would be destroyed and I have to start from scratch.

The kind of strain this puts me under can only be alleviated by constant trips overseas, where I get the chance to see things from an alternate perspective.

In my next evolution, I will need to embody the essence of the place inside me, so I would not need to make frequent business trips anymore.

And how do I know I can do this? Why, because I am a megalomaniac, that's why. An arrogant bastard who believes that everyone is fucked up more than he is.

Oh well. Time to get back to work. I got two hours to finish this script.

Cheers, yo!