Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Priestess

Am watching Oprah.

Somebody asked me some months ago, why Americans would cry at getting a new house. Or a new 42 inch flat screen TV.

He wanted to poke fun at charity, because he looks down on stuff like that. He's got a filthy rich Caucasian spouse, you see?

"Why are Americans prone to crying on TV?" He asked derisively.

So I said,"Because they're not fake."


I don't really mean that. Americans are just as fake or as real as Malaysians. Because they're people.

But to simply diss people who are genuinely touched by getting a goddamn fucking house?

Dude, I'm a cynical bastard, but somebody gives me a free home, I'd break down and fucking cry, man. With or without TV cameras.

Especially if it's The Binjai or OneKL or Troika.

This world is not that nice. So when something nice happens, you need to appreciate it. Not necessarily with tears. But have a reaction or something. Be human, and revel in it.

For a change.