Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Values

Some friends are surprised that I still get together with my family, even when I do not believe in the family unit or even the idea of families.

I don't believe that families are essential or even logical. What's the logic of staying together with a group, if not to work together towards killing a mammoth or a saber-tooth tiger?

I find that people who say they benefit from their families financially or in any form that is not spiritual, to be insincere.

You hang around these people so they could help you? You have children so you could use them as insurance policies? To me, these are just fucked up.

I stay with my family, because I have learned not to let their dramas to affect me. I stay on, because I want to.

I do not resent them because I have accepted myself and these people as we are.

Being a vagabond, though, who knows what tomorrow may bring.