Saturday, August 13, 2011


Everyone emits energy in waveforms. In certain frequencies, this can cause fear (infrasound), happiness or whatever.

One of the things I had and perhaps am having a hard time controlling is the emission of these things.

I believe that when one is truly aware, he/she/it can determine the atmosphere and surroundings by just being whatever.

The key is awareness, and I must say that most of the time, I am still very much asleep.

In order to be aware, you must first accept yourself and your situation as well as all situations around you, and then ALL situations. You need to make peace with the present moment. Not SAY that you are at peace, but BE at peace.

It is much more difficult than it seems, and a simple slip-up can unleash the kind of destruction that Armageddon is made of.

Very complex, but something I am interested in. Not to affect other people, but merely to be truly at peace with myself and the present moment.