Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Hard Day's Flight of the Osiris

Day is done. I think things went well.

I just can't keep my mind off the board games. I think after I settle some stuff, like my PC and my debts, I want to buy a board game.

Strategies and combos keep playing in my head. Calculations. Timing. Order of business. I think I'll gather some geeks and force them to play. Maybe chain them up and break their feet.

Damn board games.

Well, I got to think about my next desktop. And before that, I need to chase after some payments. Sent an invoice today, and was offered another thing, which requires a meeting on Saturday.

Man, thank God/Yahweh/Atheismo that I have gotten over my 20s. I don't play stupid games anymore. Just board games. And some games I have been saving for 10 years.