Sunday, August 14, 2011

Suck My Dick!

I'm back, motherfuckers.

After almost a week of having my PC die on me, I'm back with some new gear.

As I went back home, some idiots started pointing.

"Look! Who is that with the Intel Core i5 2500 - arguably the best processor in the world?"

"Up in the sky! Is that an Asus P8P67 LE motherboard?"

"Is it a bird? With 3TB worth of space!"

"Is it a plane? Plus Kingston DDR3 PC1333 RAM and an Asus EAH 5450 1GB DDR3 graphics card?"

No, fucktards! It's Captaiiiiinnnnnn Caveeeeemannnnnnnnnnnn!!! Barbarian of the East. The Yellow King from the East Who Shall Come in the Night and You Shall Not Know Him. It's just me, baby. It's just me.

Truth is, when my PC couldn't detect my hard disk, my old one, I thought, "Dammit. I need a new hard disk."

But then, I decided a few weeks ago to buy a new PC. Thought I needed to do it after Raya or end of the year. I guess it was written.

So anyway, I put my adventures running around town here, so I'm not going to repeat that.

After a day's worth of research online, I have decided on what processor, motherboard and RAM I want to use.

The Intel Core i5 2500 is a step down from the Core i5 2500K, which is said to outperform even the Core i7 in normal tasks. But that's after overclocking it. I don't want to overclock my PC. So I bought the Core i5 2500 that has its multipliers locked.

I need a motherboard that is both forward and backwards compatible. I have this wireless card thing and also would eventually max out any RAM requirements in a couple of years. The kind of multi-tasking I do, I need me some serious memory adaptability as well as huge storage spaces.

So I got an Asus P8P67 LE motherboard. It has 6 SATA things, two of them SATA 6Gb. 10 USBs (2 are USB 3.0), Firewire, eSATA support, blah blah blah. It also has two PCI-E slots if I want to add another monitor thing and three PCI slots.

I needed just a normal graphics card, so I got myself the Asus EAH 5450 1GB D3 card. Cheapest 1GB graphics card on most lists. There are cheaper ones, but I'm going with Asus this time. If Asus sucks, I'll go with Gigabyte next.

Kept my casing, 460W power supply, and the wireless card thing. Plus my trusty 1TB hard drive.

I love shopping at All IT Hypermarket, even though the techs 'forgot' to give me back my old 4GB DDR2 RAM when they handed my old system back to me. I'm tracking it back tomorrow.

Actually, I wanted to go with them instead of other places because the tech was very honest. He told me that the only thing wrong was the hard disk.

Yeah, that's right. Despite other people, numerous experts telling me everything from CPU to motherboard to power supply being faulty, it was actually what I thought logically was the culprit - the damned hard disk drive, which I have used for six years.

Oh well. Fuck that, man. I wanted a new system, I knew what I wanted and I got it.

I forgot to tell the techs to save my data on the 1TB hard disk, so they formatted everything. My reaction? I just smiled while sitting down pant-less at home. Look! No pants!

Cause all the really important stuff, the scripts, documents, receipts, I have it here in my portable hard drive. 500GB of it. Safe and sound.

What I lost were just junk which I can download later.

I'm downloading OpenOffice and Avira and shit, but I need to buy original Windows software. Currently using a 30-day trial version.

This week, or this weekend, I'm going back to All IT at Ikano and buy a genuine Windows 7 thing for RM330. This package has both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Before that, I'll look online if Ubuntu can be better. Hehehe.