Sunday, August 14, 2011

East Side

People, especially dumb people, love absolutes.

"Do you support the Government or the opposition?"

Neither. I'm in it for me, so fuck you.

"Mac or PC?"

I don't give a shit. Whatever gets the job done. No. Casio. Yeah, man, I love me some Casio.

"Pro-gay or anti-gay?"

That's like asking me whether I'm pro-skub or anti-skub. If being anti-gay gives me money, then hell yeah, God hates them. If being pro-gay makes me happier, then go Anwar!

It's not my issue. Not my thing. None of these things matter to me.

I'm thinking of a more balanced, calmer society. I think there are lots of things that can be done to make all our lives better.

I don't and won't fight for other people's ideologies. Sympathiser? I don't have any sympathy for these rich fuckers who have time and energy for ideologies. I am all for myself. And maybe a few others.

I don't care who wins or loses. I don't care who's right or wrong. Fuck you. If anyone is fighting for their rights on bloody streets, I'm running for the hill!

Call me a faggot. I don't give a shit.

My business is entertainment and making money. Not to save the world. I'm not that fucking noble. I'm always on my side, motherfucker. I don't stand for anything, and I don't fall either. I sit down, very gently, and I fart.

I believe that scientists should govern. Not school-leavers, assholes or lawyers. Scientists. Engineers. Physicists. You know, smart people. And smart people don't graduate from liberal arts.

I mean, a bomb goes off in KL. A nuclear bomb. The force of 100 hiroshimas. What the fuck is the liberal arts major gonna do? Dance until the radiation goes away? What the fuck!

"Help! I'm melting! I'm melting!"

"Hold up, I'm gonna dance for you and shit."

Fuck all these leaders, man. Get me a scientist. An engineer. Somebody who has heard of this thing called logic.

The world's leaders are now mostly dumbass buffoons with degrees majoring in nothing. This is one of the reasons why we're fucked.

In the US, you know how they're handling the economic crisis? By praying.

First, they just print money. Now they're praying. In a fucking stadium. What the fuck for? Is it going to rain gold? What, they gonna discover diamonds in Nevada? What, motherfucker, what?

In every debate, I'm usually the only true chaotic neutral, while douchebags pretend to be centrists.

They pretend to be non-racist, apolitical, but I got their number. They're evil, evil people and as soon as my fight wit stupidity is overn I'm coming after evil.