Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malaysia Airlines + AirAsia

Yeah, yeah, while I was busy playin board games at av resort somewhere, Twitter was rife with the news that Malaysia Airlines is probably being bought over by Air Asia.

While racists and politicians are racing to spin this into something they could use against their targets, I am quietly observing things from a distance.

As a non-rich person, with no stakes to gain or lose, this has nothing to do with me. Unless... well... we shall see what happens.

I don't care who's making money. Envy is not my sin. Wrath is. If I have to pay more to go anywhere, I say we should burn the whatever we can burn.

But for now, let's just sit down and wait like good little people and wait for the most opportune moment with which to vent our anger. At someone. Or something.