Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sensitivity Issues

First, it was the 8tv ad, which some sensitive people or people trying to gain political mileage decided was too fucking incendiary and racist. Then, it was The Star with a dumb ad for pork ribs in the middle of Ramadan.

I'm standing here saying you're all fucking retards. ALL of you.

The people who did it, the people who got all sensitive while dropping racist slurs with your friends either while breaking fast or while eating pork.

You, all of you, are bloody fucking retards. What, is your father also your brother or something, you incestuous, pretentious, fake, hypocritical bullshit motherfuckers.

What this is, is simply lines being drawn. Racist tensions have been building up for quite a while right now, and this bullshit is just a symptom.

What we need now is a nuclear power plant right smack dab in the middle of KL. I hope you all melt under the heat of all that radiation.

Cause you know, you're really bothered by the ads or by JAIS stomping into church. In fact, you don't give a fuck. The only thing this is, is just you trying to express your racism by pretending to be a victim.

"I'm a victim, nyeeeeeh!" You're not a victim. Somebody who got raped, that's a victim. You get robbed? You're a victim. You get beat up, you're a victim. Watching and reading ads doesn't make you a victim. It just means that you got thrown an ad your way. Stop overreacting, assholes.

This is all about scoring points, nothing to do with ideology or sensitivities, so fuck you, fuck your mother, fuck your father, roll dem bitches tight, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, and go fuck yourself on a durian, motherfucker.

Hell yeah, I'm smart, and dumb enough to utter truths no one else will admit. You're all fucking hypocritical racist retards and you can suck my dog's dick for all I care.

May you die a painful and prolonged death.