Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malays Vs Meleis

I believe DAP is perhaps the most evil organisation on earth. The most racist, hypocritical, conniving organisation that mankind has ever seen.

However, my fight, is not against evil. For I, too, am an Ancient Spirit of Evil. No. My fight, is against stupidity.

And there's nothing more stupid than the Meleis.

Don't get me wrong. There are 'Malays' and 'Melayus' who are generally easy-going people. They like nothing better than to sit back, relax, and chill. And stuff their pie-holes. Friendly and polite, it is a wonder that such a generous people as the Malays managed to survive all these years.

Malays are as diverse as the Han Chinese. As the Han are different even on a genetic level, so are the Malays with their Bugis, Javanese, Batak-ese, Champa, whatever-ese mixed ancestry.

The Malays established this country, on this land. Such luminaries as Tun Razak, my grand-uncle, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussein Onn and even Dr Manhattan himself - Tun Dr Mahathir, are all Malays.

True Malays are smart. You wouldn't know what hit you, or who, until 30 years later. With their humility shit, their actions and talents are hidden, until it is too late for their enemies.

Then, there are the Meleis. Dumbass motherfuckers who take pride in bullshit. These are the monkeys we see on TV. The ones on motorcycles, trying to run past the police who have fucking SUB-MACHINE GUNS. The douchebags - rich and poor - who beat up their wives and girlfriends. The cheating spouses - mostly men - but also includes dumbass women with itchy, smelly cunts.

These are the insecure ones. The dumbass ones. The ones who want everyone to agree with them and their world views, or you are against them.

Rempits are Meleis. Junkies are Meleis. Dumbass idiots are Meleis.

Notorious figures include Anwar, Zaid, Ibrahim, and some people whom if I mention, will land me in Kamunting.

Meleis only think about breeding and almost nothing else. They're like a virus with no known cure. Maybe slavery will shake them up, but that will also affect normal Malays.

So, for you Melayus, you have a choice. Be a Malay - polite, considerate, compassionate, intelligent, hardworking - or be a dumbass Meleis. As with everything, free will is a bitch.

Me? I'm a half-breed, bitch. The Malays have a pantun:

Kalau roboh Kota Melaka
Papan di Jawa hamba dirikan
Kalau roboh papan di Jawa
Kota Melaka hamba dirikan

It means, I get to choose as well.