Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If You Don't Know...

I hate it when people pretend to know what I'm talking about, and then I find out that they don't.

Delusional fucks!

I don't understand this insecurity with not knowing. I don't know a lot of stuff. Do I look like I give a shit?

"Hey, Amir, do you know the mean age of surfers who frequent Bhodi Beach?"

"I don't know."

If I was one of those retards, I'd make something up.

"Oh, I heard from this whatever-the-fuck that the mean age during summer for the SOuthern Hemisphere is 18, and during winter, it's 36."

That's complete bullshit. And yet, some people do lie to me when I ask them questions. Why? Because they would look bad if they didn't know? LOOK bad. You know, the image/ego thing?

The worst thing is, they would lie to me, try and feed me with false information, and I would find out about it. I confront them with it, and they try to manipulate reality by being delusional.

Hey, you're not Scarlet Witch, bitch! You do not have reality-altering powers. Stop living in a delusion and realise the fact that whatever lie you tell, little ones or big ones, will eventually be discovered.

And that ultimately, being a liar is worse than being a person who doesn't know.