Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Death of a PC

Well, it's probably giving up the ghost. My PC, my love, my life, crashed with a severe blue screen twice in two days. This comes as no surprise to me. This is an old system which I continuously upgraded for 10 years.

It has suffered a lot of abuse in my hands. I often would plonk down as much data as it could store, and every time it's on, I would have a minimum of 100 browser tabs running. Mostly Wikipedia.

The system has crashed a few times before, which is why I was rushing all those deadlines in July. I knew that the old thing could die off at any time, after Raya and was planning on buying a new one if my finances picked up before then.

All these immediate problems started as soon as I was browsing for some PCs online. I guess the soul in the machine somehow knew that it was going to be replaced. Actually, that's bullshit. Machines don't have souls. But yeah, makes sense. To idiots.

Fact of the matter is, this is an old system which has suffered the brunt of my typing and gaming as well as heavy surfing.

Now, I have two options:

1. Figure out what exactly is wrong with it and simply replace the parts. This would save money but in a few months, something else might break.

2. Buy an entirely new system.

I think I might take the middle road. I'll probably take the usable parts - the RAM, the graphics card, the casing, the power supply, keyboard and mouse, then buy a new motherboard, processor, and primary hard disk.

For that, I need people who owe me money to pay up, and pay up soon. Let's get ready to rummmmbllllleeeee...!

Okay. Time to sleep now.