Sunday, August 7, 2011

Church and State

I went out of KL to do work, and JAIS raided churches. What the fuck, man?

Is my sheer presence the only thing keeping this country from descending into stupidity?

If I ever leave, the brain drain will probably leave a vacuum that would materialise as an audible 'pop'.

Hey, JAIS, even if people want to convert to Christianity, and even IF churches are handing out money to poor people in order to recruit them, why the fuck not?

I mean, has JAIS given a shit about these people? With all our Islamic values of charity, peace and terrorism, have we ever stopped to help out junkies and poor people in this country - a majority of which are Muslims?

In my village, some poor folks got help from some churches. SOme of the other villagers got pissed off, I think probably because they didn't get Jacob's Cream Crackers and salt from the church. But what are they doing to alleviate poverty?

Those churches have a lot of money. In the hundreds of millions of ringgits. EACH. Non-taxable. It's not a bad idea to tap into that resource, to help the poor.

And if they can turn some Muslims into Christians, then? If the Muslims want to become Christians, it's none of our fucking business.

I think the real issue is Malaysia's failure in helping the poor out of their rut. Most of you city slickers don't know what poor is. You haven't gone hungry long enough to know the frustration of not being able to afford shit. So fuck you.

I judge thee.

And here's the thing. It would be easy to assume that the Christians are conniving bastards with an ulterior motive. However, there might be some, if not most, who are genuinely trying to help the poor. And the poor are the Muslims. I have never met a poor Christian in this country. They're ALL rich.

The issue is, I repeat, poverty. BN's success in making Malay millionaires did not trickle down or translate to better living for all. That's the problem.

You wouldn't be so threatened and insecure if you didn't do anything wrong.

Raiding churches is bullshit. Taxing them might be a better - albeit admittedly douchebaggy move - but JAIS should not have any jurisdiction in other religions.

Take care of your own poor first, dumbass.

The solution out of this is to make me a millionaire. Give me lots of money. I'll retire and focus on creating industries, jobs and businesses in poor areas such as Kuantan's underbelly. I will eradicate poverty in these areas and inspire other people to do the same in other places.

The UMNO rich need to open their coffers - and if you have at least one coffer, you're bloddy fucking rich - and help the poor.

You think a RM30 meal is nothing, but some of these people survive on less than RM2 per day for food.

I'm not kidding you. My neighbour has six kids. The guy makes RM400 a month. That's RM50 per month per person.

Whenever I talk about this to Muslims, they immediately brush it off and assume that people have money and are only pretending to be poor. Because that's what they're doing. These fuckers are pretending to be poor, while the real poor remain with their shitty lives.

If the Opposition is to win in the next election, a large part would be because the higher ups and the rich in BN were too fucking greedy and stupid to retain power.

If that happens, I hope DAP steals the living daylights out of you. May you know what it means to be hungry.