Monday, August 1, 2011

Biorider and Roborider - Black RX!

I am dumbfounded when I heard that PR are dead set against biometric scanners for fingerprints for the coming elections.

Why? Because it can be hacked? Like how my Maybank2u account can be hacked?

Hey, dumbass, first of all, the database exists offline. Not online for people like me to take a piss on. Furthermore, if we do go for an online system during the GE, it would be read-only. You know, like your fucking CD ROM?

"But Amir, it can be tampered if it was digital! The goat which my father raped said so!!"

Yeah. It can be. So what makes you think the evil BN is not tampering with it NOW? I mean, why wait? To alter a database with 28 million people - say 10 million registered voters ONLY - would take God-like data entry skills, by a bunch of people. I did a database for my 40 students and it took me ages, man.

Say they employ the greatest data-manipulator in the world (Anwar Ibrahim). It would take him 65 million years to edit that database in order for him to register 88 people in the same address at Permatang Pauh. What about the other 222 parliamentary areas? DUNs? Everyone else would take longer cause Anwar is the smartest homo sapien in the world. A gift from Yahweh, he is. Yahweh's ass, that is.

I mean, why not biometric scanners? They want to clean the electoral roll, but then when steps are taken to ensure a cleaner election, they kept yelling like fucking fucktards.

"But what about indelible ink? Nyeee?"

Yeah? What about indelible ink? So? Okay, fine. Take indelible ink, but also use biometric scanners.

That way, we have two ways to get rid of ghost voters or 'ghost citizens'. Ghost citizens are illegal immigrants who assume the identities of dead people, or so some people say.

These people are supposedly from China, Indonesia, India and Israel, according to some crazy conspiracy theorists.

Are they real? I don't know. And you don't know either. Cause you don't have mental powers I don't.

But when I suggested using both ink and scanners to Anwar, he blocked me from Twitter. Well, good riddance to bad garbage.

I hope you all choke on CIA money.