Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Original

I wrangled a lot of things, including juggling schedules and whatever, just so I could finally buy a Windows 7 Home Premium retail package.

I'm so fucking excited, my nipples could be used to dig the next Eurotunnel. Cause their drills were diamond-tipped, okay? Cause diamond is hard and I am saying my nipples are hard. Cause I'm so excited. About Windows.

Fuck Apple Zealots, man, I'm establishing myself as a Microsoft fanboy, just for fucks. And also to maintain the balance between good and evil perception.

Used to be, story was, Apple was wronged, its destiny stolen by the evil Bill Gates. Big fucking deal. All I hear now is Apple suing Samsung.

For what? For 'stealing' their design? Well, maybe Pak Lah's ass-kisers should sue Apple because they launched a tablet PC called MakcikPC wayyy back in 2007:

This is before Apple's sanitary-pad-inspired iPad. Of course, Pak Lah was eliminated by a coalition of almost everyone, or Malaysia could have been like, a few years ahead of the world instead of 400 years behind. We STILL don't have an Inquisition. We came close, but no prize.

Of course, if Pak Lah was still in power, I bet we might all be eating our children by now. Ah, fuck politics.

I like both Microsoft and OpenSource shit.

My brother once showed me his PC, which had four operating systems on it. I don't know why he needs four, but yeah, big fucking deal, right?

So I asked him, "What's the best OS?"


Windows is the most used, the most tried and tested, and you can do anything with Windows. Software developers for Windows have over 20 years experience developing shit for the Microsoft platform. So all is good.

Until... Windows 8. Windows 8, coming out in a couple/few years, will no longer support Win32, COM, MFC, ATL, Visual Basic 6, .NET, WinForms, Silverlight, WPF tech. They're going HTML 5 and JavaScript all the way.

Which means:

1. All you Computer Science students out there, learn HTML 5 NOW.

2. Fuck you, developers comfortable in your whatever the fuck you use. You're fucked! Go design an iPhone app that can see through clothing.

3. My dormant (gone) JavaScript skills remain a prized possession. If I can ever dust my compiler and start coding again.

Anyway, what this means to us consumers is to just sit and wait. Except for Vista, Microsoft has not really bungled that bad.

I'm happy to use my ORIGINAL, GENUINE copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. It comes with both 32 and 64-bit versions. I use 64-bit Windows 7 because it can run both 32 and 64-bit apps (all my freeware games run smoothly) AND most importantly, the limit for RAM is 128 GB, instead of 32-bit's 3.8GB.

I don't think I will be purchasing WIndows 8. I'll wait for Windows 9 or 10, after they've eased everyone in.

I'm still using OpenOffice and GoogleDocs, though, since I have yet to purchase the latest Office. I prefer OpenOffice cause it can save in anything.

After Raya, I might be installing Ubuntu into my system. I have three terabytes of free space. I used Ubuntu years ago, but then lost interest as Windows was doing almost everything faster.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to validate my OS and install Rainmeter.