Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Science of (Local) Comedy

So I spent late last night talking about what's funny and what it means to write something that the masses would accept.

In the beginning, I have never envisioned myself as a writer for the masses. I understand that everyone is exposed to different things and I sure as hell didn't want to tell people to start reading what I read or watch what I watch.

Simply because:

1. No one will do what they are told to do.

2. I like the fact that different people read and like different things. If everyone liked the same thing, we're in trouble. We'd all be battling for the same girl, and she can only serve five guys at a time. You know, mouth, vagina, anus, two hands. And if her tits are big enugh, someone could straddle her and titty-fuck her brains out.

I believe only three things in the world are funny - sex, politics and religion. These three are so ludicrous and yet so pervasive, like a rash that won't go away.

The problem is localising it.

I was once in a meeting discussing what shows are the best written on TV.

"I think the best written show on TV is Boston Legal," I said.

"If you say that Boston Legal is the best written show on TV, then you don't understand Malaysian audience! Boooo!"

Well, that's true. I wasn't talking about general preferences, just mine and perhaps a few others, but the man has a point.

The Malaysian audience has been accused of so many things and a lot of elements are - as we speak - being dumbed down for mass consumption.

I said a few years ago that the challenge for this generation is to come up with stuff that works for all. A piece of work that functions on many different levels. Alan Moore did it, but yeah, Moore is a fucking genius.

I'm thinking, if I want to do something funny, it must be so fucking goddamned stupid so as to transcend stupidity a few revolutions.

Will it work? Hell, I don't know. Fuck it, I'll just write it.

But first, sleep.