Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flash Boron!

It's 7am and I have yet to sleep. Yesterday's running around has effectively reset my clock. My circadian rhythm or whatever the fuck.

Now, I need to bore myself to sleep.

So what can I tell you? How about, things come in cycles.

I believe in some sort of karmic cycle. And that things repeat itself and if we are aware enough, we can discern patterns.

Take, for example, tablet. Yeah, them iPads and Playbooks, Flyers and Tabs.

In the old days, our parents and grandparents went to school carrying 'papan batu' which were essentially mini blackboards. You write on them in chalk, and then you spit on them to erase what you've written.

Even earlier, supposedly this guy Moses came down from some mountain somewhere and brought his era's version of the iPad - stone tablets.

Now, if we look at the Internet, we used to have a thing between old media and new media.

The old stupid dumbass slow motherfucking dinosaurs used to be afraid of the Internet.

"It's coming to get me! Ahhhhh! Just around the corner! Oh my God! It's the Internet! Ahhhh!!!"

There were even some dumbass fucks who loudly and proudly proclaimed to be a Luddite.

"I'm a Luddite! An Amish person! I shun electricity! And all forms of technology! Nyeeee!"

But he still used the wheel. Dumbass.

In the beginning, I just agreed with these old folks. Simply because I did not want the Internet to be polluted by them.

But even I, a barbarian from the east, couldn't stop the world from changing.

So when old people came to the Internet, they brought with them conventions from the outside world, the real world, and one of my dreams of having the virtual world and the real one together became ever so closer.

You wouldn't believe how insecure some people were of the Internet. They believe that the Internet would take money away from them. To this day, I still get some people telling me excitedly about comments on their Facebook page.

I mean, it's Facebook. Who gives a shit?

You got comments on your blog? Big fucking deal, dumbass.

And then there are people of my own generation - the Children of the 80s - who believe that they need to latch on to catch-phrases developed by asshole marketeers.

"Web 2.0! Tagging the clouds! Monetising! Social graph! Ahhhhh!"

Trendy-wendys without a shred of originality or soul.

I knew the Internet was no longer cool, when big corporations started astro-turfing everything like shit.

When Fox News started rickrolling their own anchors, Internet chic is no longer chic.

So what's next? Post-Facebook?

I think things will generally settle down to what it was, until the next big whoop comes along.

Me? I'm old-fashioned. I pick a few things I like, and then I stick to them for almost forever.

I'm still playing games I liked in 1999. I still use some services from 2001. I frequent some message boards since 2002.

I can't wait to get old and ruin everything for everybody.