Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ego Battles for the Poor

I am very particular about buying computer stuff because IT purchases have become a sort of egotistical ritual.

You see, poor people can't buy real estate. Their choice for cars are limited. There's the amazingly stupid Kancil Turbo or the Gen2 with stupid spoilers. Or a Proton Wira with a Mitsubishi logo.

These are what dumbass poor people buy to prop up their egos.

When buying computer stuff, the poor dumbasses would be concerned with only one thing: LOOKING knowledgable about computers.

It's not getting a good deal. It's not acquiring a tool which can generate income or give them enjoyment. It's all about image. And image is all ego.

"I know about this world too! Nyeeeeeeee!" Is basically what they're saying.

But they don't. Even the shopkeepers, most of them aren't that well-versed. In other words, talk only. I have dealt with scores who don't know their products or even what they have in stock. Sometimes, it's intentional, to cheat money from you.

With computers, I trust the Internet. If a site ran some tests and the processor blew up, I don't give a shit what the seller says. Fuck you, I'm not buying that shit.

I don't know everything there is to know about computers, and I don't pretend to. I rely on people who have tested the equipment themselves and have no vested interest in lying about the product.

Most importantly, when making any purchase, remember that you are not being judged. You're being scalped. So minimise the loss of your scalp and your water-face be damned.

I don't mind if everyone in the world thinks of me as a fool, as what people say or think does not change the truth. And the truth is, I am a fool because I refuse to take advantage of certain situations and play with the egoes of dumnbasses in order to get discounts for my machine.

Just remember, as a customer, you should not feel ashamed for anything. There's no reason to. Sellers need to be ashamed.