Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vagabond: Calloused Feet and Bloody Paths

On Monday, I got my offer letter. I have officially joined NSTP's e-Media team.

The work is interesting. We get to solve problems and requirements of clients who want to have a bigger impact online, for whatever purpose.

I have some basic in programming, and will always be a writer until the day I die. However, the one true skill I have yet to acquire is marketing. I believe I am too dumb and rough to do actual marketing, no matter how many seasons of Boston Legal I have watched (all of them).

Here, I get to join in projects on a holistic level. I do not simply write, but I get to try and pitch in to solve some problems. Puzzles. I work together with a very competent team of people, from whom I hope to learn and acquire more skills.

Some people asked me, "What's your position?"

My answer is usually, "I'm a slave-warrior cat-girl Nuku-Nuku."


Call me whatever, man, as long as I enjoy what I do, I'd do it. I'm not that insecure about my dick to worry about what it says on my business card.

I've been the head of departments. I've been an editor. I owned a company. I've been involved in some landmark projects which I did mostly for the country. I was a pioneer. Blahblahblah.

I've always had angels and demons watch over me. It is to them that I give my thanks.

I've been offered VP positions as well as opportunities to go abroad. And there are millions of others who have done even more. I've worked with directors from the States, game designers and sat down with low-key billionaires. With a 'B', bitch!

If I've learned anything, the only thing I need to do is find something I enjoy doing. You can never forget about having fun. Life's too short to do anything else.

Anything that is related to the ego is bound to be disastrous. What the Muslims call 'ikhlas' means that you have to be true to your work and yourself.

I am neither smooth nor slick. I've always been a barbarian. From the east, yo!

I know what I will do.

But what I really need is to finish all my outstanding stuff, chase after some payments and have as much rest as I can get from Raya.

I spent the past few months working like crazy. I've travelled and sat down for hours, writing whatever that needs to be written.

I worked so hard, I fell really sick several weeks ago. I literally worked till I coughed up blood.

I will always be a vagabond. There are still many things I hope to do, before I turn 40. I am in no rush, though. Patience is a skill I have yet to learn, but I can wait.