Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buddha Beam!

A lot of people quote Buddha. Some Muslims claim Buddha and sometimes even Krishna, as Muslim prophets.

However, these people, along with some Buddhists, don't even know what Buddha stood for.

Then, I suggest you get yourself educated about Buddha, regardless of what the reason is and who you are.

I'll tell you that exploring Buddhist philosophies have helped me immensely, growing up.

I always thought that Buddha was like, cool and mellow. Which is good, because when I was in my early 20s, I was very emotional.

To me, being emotional I'd ultimately dumb. Meanwhile, having no emotion means you're better off dead. The only situation which makes sense, is to only experience true emotion.

I define true emotion as feelings that we experience from our selves. If we feel anything because of alcohol or the ego, then that is not real. It is manufactured and ultimately false.

Buddha only has simple teachings. Therefore, the original Buddhist philosophies are also very simple, with no magic or other types of bullshit.

There's the Four Noble Truths:

1. Mankind is suffering/lives in pain.
2. If man can live without pain, then the suffering will end.
3. Pain/suffering is caused by desire.
4. We can control desire/eradicate pain by using the Eightfold Ways.

I don't think I got all these right, because my memories of learning them in school are hazy.

I do remember that the Eightfold Ways are just a bunch of good things.

What is desire? I believe that desire is poison and at the root of any and all desire, is a thirst, a hunger. And all thirsts and hungers come from a hole in our soul.

A feeling of incomplete-ness, that is the basis of desire. Of not having enough. Of not BEING enough.

I believe that any hole that we feel is in our soul can only be diminished if we stopped creating it.

I believe that the 'missing part' is there because we believe it is there. We strain against it, wishing for it to not be there, further strengthening its existence.

There is only one way, and not eight. Accept it. Embrace the hole, the hunger, the thirst, the pain.


In Christianity, there's a saying I'm going to take out of context - accept this yoke, and be free.