Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Hunt for the Red October

I went to Digital Mall to have my dead PC diagnosed.

I was turned away from the first store, and finally found a third store willing to take a look after I threatened to walk away if they didn't see it today. They charged me RM30, though, and only willing to look at it today after I wanted to take the PC elsewhere.

I came back after two hours and I was told, "Your motherboard is old." As a diagnosis.

Well, you know, I could have done that and saved the RM30 for a blowjob.

Okay, it's old. But what was the cause of death?

"Your processor is old!"

Two blowjobs wasted, and no proper diagnosis.

The guy tried to convince me to buy a new system, which I have already decided on before going. I said I want to keep my PSU, casing, one of the hard drives and the dvd ROM. The guy told me to lose the casing and buy one of his which looked like it spent the first half of the year smearing hooker makeup on itself and kissing llamas. It was black with red trimmings. My casing is a classic design of spartan sensibilities, with a PSU powerful enough to electrocute an elephant to death.

So I just grabbed their price list and went out the door. I was not expecting much from Digital Mall, having shopped there before. They are decent, if not altogether knowledgable. Not as bad as the hostile reaction I used to get at Lowyat Plaza.

So I got my PC home, and scanned Lowyat's price lists. As I suspected, Lowyat's prices are HIGHER than Digital Mall.

Nevertheless, I called my current favourite IT store - the All IT Hypermarket at Ikano. I got one confused guy who told me that they do not have the items I am looking for - namely particular models of motherboards and such.

So, I said okay, and goodbye to the nice albeit confused man, and called up Midvalley. They also don't carry the model. So I called Digital Mall again - the shop I went to - and asked about their products.

"I have decided to buy a system. Do you have this thing listed on your list thing?"

He said no, and tried to sell me more expensive stuff which I do not need. So I told him goodbye and decided, if I wanted to get scalped, might as well be scalped by people I like.

So I called All IT Hypermarket and got a different guy who told me that contrary to the other dude, All IT Hypermarket does have all that I want. In fact, there's a lot of it in stock. And if I were to pay cash, I will get small discounts, making the price cheaper than Digital Mall.

I do not know whether this is true, but I'm going to check tomorrow. I'll be going to Ikano and get the things. That, or their branch at Digital Mall which I completely missed today because it is a whole fucking floor.

I have been buying computer stuff since 1998. Sometimes, I get scalped. Sometimes, I get lucky. I have sworn off some shops - never again! And am now a much calmer shopper. I can live without my desktop for another month or so, if need be. And I will only buy, what I want to buy. You can't cheat more money from me, unless I allow you to. And no, "your PC is old." Is not an acceptable diagnosis from someone who supposedly knows his shit.