Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Information Flow

At the base of everything I do, I only really have one talent. I recognise information flow.

Information is never the same. It is constantly changing, coloured, peppered by perception, viewpoints, emotions and whatever else. Data is constant. Information is a variable.

Imagine the world as being made up of many little different worlds. Like the human body is made up of many different systems and the different systems are made up of different organs and each organ is made up of cells.

In each world, there is a flow. Medicine calls it lymph, blood, air, fluids, whatever. Some bullshit martial arts call this 'chi'. But really, all we ever transmit is just information. Code. Data. Ones and zeroes. Words. Spells and grimoires.

Even sperm is just a message of proteins - a blueprint for the construction of a human. Essentially it is our way of sending a message to the future.

Everything is just data. And what is data but a union of music and math?

He who wields information, has the universe for a sword. With mastery of information, you can change worlds and create realities.

Law, politics, marketing, even physics, is basically a manipulation of information.

I am not a creator of information. Information cannot be created or destroyed. I do not go and hammer at information structures or systems. I do not wish information to be any different than it already is. I just observe the flow.

This is my one and only skill.