Monday, July 12, 2010

The Malay Male's Biggest Secrets Revealed

A lot of people as me why I keep this blog. Or why I don't sell any adspace. No Google Ads, Nuffnang, no whatever. Why?

Well, I have kept this website since before blogging was fashionable and after it has served its purpose. After blogging gave way its cool spot to social media.

Reason? Cause I felt like it. My instincts tell me to keep it alive, or bring it back from the dead. And my instincts have always been right.

Through this site, I managed to get contracts and jobs to write books, movies and TV. Through it, I met people who introduced me to more people.

If I were to calculate how much this site has given me in terms of cold hard revenue, I think that 90% of what I have is because of it.

I also got job offers and was invited to do really, really great projects because of it.

So, no ads? No problem.

Because inadvertently, unconsciously, undeliberately, it was selling myself. I was and still am the only products this website is pushing.

What you need to realise is that it doesn't work directly. Delayed gratification. And when you work on it, the intention should be true and clear.

People respond to authenticity, and that is what I bring every time. Even though these are just roles I play, it is still a part of me.

When something from your being goes to your mind and gets expressed in some way, it is always skewed through the lens that is your devious mind.

Even this distorted view is beautiful. The whole point of this is to appreciate the beauty of lies.

Accepting lies is also accepting the truth. Because the Truth exists alongside the lies.

Understanding the Truth is a lifelong goal for me. It is something that has drawn me into journalism, which is the pursuit of the Truth in a direct manner, as well as fiction - on paper, TV and movies - which are essentially lies.

I am the Truth, the light and the way. Eventually, realising that previous sentence will be the whole point of my existence, anywhere.