Thursday, July 29, 2010


This woman, sitting across me, is in fear. Eyes wide, pupils constricted. She doesn't want to be here.

She tries to look away, but her gaze always come back to the nothingness across from her.

I thought she was staring at me, but no. It was infinity she has her mind in. A nightmarish Moebius strip.

She speaks on the phone. Her voice unnaturally shrill. There is tension. Her jugular veins start throbbing visibly. I count her heartbeats.

She puts her hand to her head, but removes it soon after she realises it. Her hairdo cannot be touched. She repeats it again. Unconsciously.

Her feet are tapping without rhythm.

A troubled soul.

Join the club, little girl. Have a beer. But not on me. I don't save people anymore. These days, I just watch. And I'm watching you die.