Friday, July 30, 2010


When doing something creative, I only go to one person for advice.

In all of Malaysia, and perhaps the world, I only consult one person for creativity. I trust his creative judgment, and while I don't agree with him all the time, I trust he will be truthful and give advice from his limitless experience.

When figuring out people, or judging them, I consult a woman. Between us, our predictions are never off the mark. What we say about some people always turn out to be true. I can't really see her when I am depressed. Hahahaha.

And then, there is the professional consultant. I go to her to talk about my career and how to handle things in my work.

She is the most objective person I have ever met and I trust her with my life.

Again, while I do not agree with her on everything, she would give really good perspective on everything.

I take her input always as valuable information and go home to construct simulations inside my head. Her information is always sound, though extrapolating any conclusion based on her data is still my responsibility.

If I ever get rich, I'll do something for these people. They've been a great help.