Saturday, July 24, 2010

Idiotic Euthanasia

If you're wondering what my projects are about, I am meeting representatives from the Government.

To suggest a programme where we kill idiots. I will provide the defence ministry with a list, and they go in and kill them.

To make it simpler, I might designate whole areas as stupid zones. Use a Massive Ordinance Air-dropped Bomb. Or a bunker buster.

Also, a better way could be to develop a virus that could infect and kill everyone under the age of 18. Or 28. Or 68.

It's actually very easy. Loads of funds are spent on biological weapons to develop it as a controllable arsenal.

If you didn't care who or what it kills, a genocidal virus on the scale of the Black Plague can be developed in a hot, humid shack behind some loser's house.

The Government really should fund my euthanasia project.

The idiots all want to die. They're just too stupid to know it. And I'm just a guy trying to help out.