Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Amazing Amir Hafizi

Bitten by a radioactive journalist, Amir Hafizi gains the journalist's proportionate strength. Upholder of truth, or masked menace?

I constantly amaze myself. I might as well call myself Amazo. Or Mysterio. Or bulbuous dick. Or something like that.

Things keep on happening to me. Wonderful things. All I need to do is hold my arms forward - figuratively speaking, of course - and stuff just fall into my arms.

I need this? Something comes along. Bam! I want that? Bam! I get it.

Whatever Amir wants, Amir gets.

I feel like a spoiled child, sometimes. Of course, everything comes at a price.

You have to pay money for a car. Buy your wife (don't argue with me. You know it to be true). Fund your kids. Blahblahblah.

But I always get the means and the opportunities just like that.

Falls down from the sky. Bam!

If I do have a superpower - and it's not a superpower that mimics other people's superpowers, just that I haven't met anyone with a superpower yet - I guess it would be that I am a fucking genie.

A genie who fucks. Man, I am so lucky.

Thanks, God/Science/Eywa/Atheismo.