Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Five Things Not to Do When You Have Spiritually Awakened

1. When introducing yourself, do not say, "I am the nameless presence that is beyond thought. Indescribable by the deceitful mind. I am the awareness that cannot be felt. I am the truth, the light and the way. I am. And who are you?"


2. Never tell people you are happy.

If you're happy, just shut up and enjoy it.

People generally look for misery, so their egoes can feel superior.

Do not say, "I managed to isolate my egoic mind from my being, stopped identifying with form and generally have discovered the secret to true happiness. I am happy."


Just say, "I am fine."

Or lie.

"I am deeply upset that my cat died while humping a flying squirrel. In mid-air. He was 42."

3. Feel spiritually superior than other people.

Whenever we stopped identifying with one form, another tries to take its place.

If before, the point of competition is who is the richer man, as soon as you realise that material possessions and desire are poisonous if handled improperly, you might want to take the fight to who is MORE spiritual.

In essence, there is no more or less. Better or worse. Good or bad. There is only is.

4. Talk about religion.

Spirituality is not religion, but religion is spirituality.

The only difference is, orthodox religion usually identifies with form. Chants, prayers, beads, robes, wooden figures, etc. They also promote the spiritual aspects of the life philosophy, but it is not quite catchy as having idols and stories of hell and damnation.

Spirituality is essentially boring. Religion is not. Filled with good and bad characters, twisted plots and a happy ending. Happy Ending! Happy Ending! Happy Ending!

So fuck religion and spirituality.

5. I got nothing.

Cause there is nothing.

Should be sleeping now, but spiritual awakenings woke me up.