Monday, July 26, 2010

The Finding

The destination is often a surprise for the destined, wrote Neil Gaiman. In his comic books, The Sandman series.

They say that the fun is in the finding. I know this as both the truth and untruth.

But I accept it as my kind are wont to do. Me. Of the barbarians.

I wanted to write comics. But I have written everything but comics. There has never been a thing, a written thing, that I have not tried my hand.

I have written everything that could be written. And if the Gods of Writing were to smile on me a bit more, I may continue to write for some years ahead.

Ah, but fortunes told tell of no real fortune. Just fragments of dreams and shapes in the dark.

I do not concern myself, nowadays, with petty clairvoyances, though.

At best, cheap parlour tricks and at worst, mental dementia.

I do live it one day at a time.

After all, the destination is always a surprise. To the destined.