Saturday, July 31, 2010

Satori Bread

Well, it took me long enough.


Sometimes, I do wish that the things that bother are simple.

Butttt, having figured out everything, the only thing on my mind right now is - bread!

KL has some really good bread. The Loaf, Dr M's bakery/cafe has some of the best European-style bread. Unfortunately, since it is European-style, it has a bit more yeast than normal.

The bread tastes a bit dry, since Europeans have thicker saliva. And the taste of yeast is prevalent in their bread.

Pappa Rich has great steamed white bread, which is basically baked white bread steamed to make it softer. The texture and consistency is closer to what I believe Malaysians want in their bread.

In Shah Alam, there is a bakery called Raspberry Bread or something that makes really good fruit bread. The texture is like cotton candy, but stronger. Fantastic stuff!

But the true legendary bread is now extinct. It is the Sg Lembing bread, baked by a late Chinese baker. He used an earth oven left behind by some British official.

Earth ovens built from the shores of the Pahang river have feldspar and petalite, which gives off high infra-heat radiation. With proper control and technique, really great bread can be made.

I long for that bread. The white bread is the best in the world. I ate it with sambal tumis or curried beef. Fantastic stuff. Greatest bread ever!

Alas, that old Chinese dude is dead, and his family did not continue the tradition.

If I become a millionaire, I will bake white bread using an earth oven. And eat it.