Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Awareness

I am not conscious all the time. Most of the time, I am not aware. I am asleep.

But the concept of the Awareness, which has helped free me from many of the little stuff, was first encountered when I was reading sci-fi.

There was a big computer the size of a planet that was called the Awareness. The Awareness never spoke. It just moves, and the whole universe moves with it.

The fact that a supercomputer did not speak, was puzzling to an eight-year-old me. I did not understand that. I thought all intelligent beings speak. They communicate.

It wasn't until much later that I understood the wisdom of silence. That words - all words - are lies.

Words go through a filter, the mind, and the mind is in a constant state of resistance from the present moment. It is, at best, an unreliable source of viewpoint and opinion. At worst, the mind is a terrible liar.

Intelligence, wisdom, comes from a place where words do not exist. Nothing to dilute it from its purest form.

All I have written, are all in words. As such, it is unreliable. How can 26 alphabets and a bunch of symbols representing number define the meaning of life? As a writer, I am always aware of the limitations.

You need to discover for yourself, as I have to find that place for myself.

No one, no book, can get you there. It is, in the end, just you. Taking a trip. I cannot describe to you what it is. I can only tell you the process I went through.

And that hopefully, one day, when you are ready, the journey may be a bit simpler.

The Awareness awaits.