Saturday, July 24, 2010

Phases of the Mood

Some people asked me why I was moody the past few weeks.

Actually, I was not moody. I was and am tired.

I have a day job, I run my company, I was offered to direct a movie, I was engaged as a creative consultant, a book I will never finish write, four books a week to read, handling the ugly and stupid problems of other people (not anymorrreeee) as well as figuring out the meaning of life without using my mind.

Oh, and fuck buddies, too.

If I were to try and think about all this, I would suffer a stroke.

So I just get the feel of it, and I just do it.

Nothing helps, though, when I am tired at the end of the day and I start seeing groups of apes trying to have conversations like humans.

I have prepared and planned schedules, but humans are ultimately unreliable and they start forgetting things. I do that too, to be fair. About twice a year. How can these people survive for the past few billion years?

Furthermore, there is witholding information. I act based on information received. If I don't have complete information, because it was hidden from me by gangly little gibbons, then my actions would have less impact.

NEVER. EVER. Withhold information from me. Facts more valuable than opinions, please.

And I am meeting more people nowadays, so I meet more unconscious people. Unconscious people annoy me.

Maybe I should be what they've always said I should be - a maniac. A psycho-killer.

Oh well. At least I have my good looks.