Friday, July 30, 2010


My dream is to be financially free, and then establish a system or a few systems back in my hometown, that will take people out of poverty and drug abuse.

The system or systems will also include participation from everyone across the country or the world.

I believe that everything I am doing right now, all the skills, all the experience, the drama, the pain and whatever else, is there to get me to realise my dream.

The motivation for this dream is not from my superhero dementia, but from I really want to do.

I see opportunities and how things could work or how things don't work.

I believe that it is possible for regular, normal people like us to transcend petty politics and the divisions of race and religion to come up with something beautiful.

The details are all in my head. The how's are all there. I know what I will do. I know what needs to be done.

Small business setups, co-ops, training centres, food banks, utilising the people and the resources that are already there.

It just needs proper, transparent, uncorruptible management.

If I do get my RM2 million, I will make it my crusade to get the dream to come true.

I believe very deeply that I am put here on earth so that one day, I will be able to fulfill this dream.

And, it will be fun.

The next dream is to infect this system, this idea, to the rest of the country and later the world.

For now, I will bide my time. I shall wait. Patiently.