Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mother! Father! Family!

Sometimes, I wish I was adopted. Or that I could build a time machine, travel back in time and either prevent my parents from meeting or kill my grandfather.

Of what use is family? I could relate to only 20% of them.

I got some connected relatives, but their connections are all useless to me.

Najib is my uncle. Twice-removed, yes, but uncle nonetheless. I was supposed to be the next KJ.

But apparently, I don't need to be extremely corrupt and sell my own country like Boris Yeltsin did to Russia.

And I'm still hot stuff.

And I am that damn good.

Regardless of the fact that my five friends who are going through horrid divorces did not take my well-constructed advice and are now in deep pain, deep shit and deep depression.

C'mon, man (and woman). I know strategy. I study human information flow. I wield information like a sword. I was trained by my inadequate but well-meaning parents, subjecting me with several psychosis, to win.

I know how to win. Listen to me. I love solving other people's problems. So I don't have to face my own problems.

Oh well. No one ever listens to me. Six years later, or sometimes six months, they always crawl back to me and tell me I was right.

Dudes (and dudette), you don't have to tell me I'm right. I KNOW I'm right.

With a mind this brilliant focused on anthropological information flow and psycho-analysis, I'm right about everything.