Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Saw the movie yesterday, sitting next to an animal who tries constantly to prove that it is capable of speech.

In my book, animals who speak in cinemas during movies should be castrated, lest they breed.

Plus, his breath smelled like rotting meat and his comments are stupid.

Anyway, the movie was all right. It served its purpose as a Disney movie.

Nicolas Cage reprised his role - the role he plays in every movie - as a man in pain. Wronged. Burdened. Noble. Misunderstood. He was playing me. Hahaha.

Anyway, the plot was predictable. Boy, who is the 'chosen one', traumatised by an encounter with Cage and his nemesis, ruining his childhood and turned him into a nerd.

Ten years later, Cage and his nemesis resurface to fight for the fate of the world. Boy is the 'prime merlinean' and is the only one who can mae things right.

It's like watching an after-school special, with lightning bolts.

Plot-wise, this movie screams 'studio creative development!' Which means not really original.

End of the day, it works.

This type of movie is one kids will remember when they grow up. Some will get addicted to the format like they do to a Big Mac.

Nothing terribly wrong with it, and nothing spectacular either. It's the perfect movie to waste time with.