Friday, July 30, 2010

Cultivating Patience

One wise guy once wrote, "If you want to do the impossible, then do nothing, because nothing is impossible."

He had no idea how true that is. Of all the things that I have done, doing nothing is the hardest.

This was observed in the Lucifer comic books, when Elaine Belloc, the new God, created a world and found that doing nothing is the hardest part of godhood.

However, this is good for me. I discovered that I do not feel tired as long as I move forward. When I stop, the momentum is gone and I grapple with boredom. My energy is internalised and I become restless and bored.

Facing this situation is yet another part of growing up, I guess. If I can sit still and appreciate the present moment, then perhaps my addiction to drama and problems can be kicked. And perhaps I can find time to rest and recuperate before important things come into play.