Friday, July 30, 2010

Unifying the World

My house have not had Internet connection for about a month.

I finally cancelled my Maxis Broadband account and registered for TM's Unifi HSBB. However, my application has taken too long, and somebody has offered to connect my apartment with another package. I am taking that offer and cancelling my application.

Which is why I am at TMPoint right now, waiting for my turn to cancel my application.

Right now, I can only connect to the Internet via my Blackberry. All the blog posts you have read in the past month is done via this device.

It is a different experience, just like writing longhand and typing are two different experiences. Everything is raw and simplified. I have little time to check for anything - facts, spelling - and with a small screen, I sometimes misspell certain words without realising it.

Oh well.