Friday, July 30, 2010

Movies I Would Like to Do

I have with me stories I would like to do as movies.

I have it all here, in my head.

For some reason, though, while a lot of production houses like my ideas, they are not fully convinced that my movies will make any money.

So they go on and do blatantly 'commercial' movies that may or may not sell anyway.

If somebody reading this has two million dollars, contact me at I will write, co-produce and co-direct my own stories for that money.

My stories are based on my father, myself and other interesting characters. They will be great films. Whether they make money or not, well, despite my knowledge in marketing them, I cannot predict the future.

A lot of people thought Waterworld would be a Jurassic Park, but it quickly turned into a dinosaur. Puteri Gunung Ledang was dismissed as a vanity project by some, but last I heard, it made money from international sales.

Furthermore, the late Yasmin Ahmad's movies, while not the best in the world, showed the way to a new generation of filmmakers.

Give me the trust and the money. And I will make films that would last the test of time, if not money.