Sunday, July 25, 2010

Limit Break: Highwind

Had four meetings today. In total, seven in two days.

Too much coffee. Having a migraine. But I'm not done yet.

You want to see me at 100%? I won't stop until I puke blood. Literally.

More stuff to be done tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week. I'll keep piling them on till the stench of it all rises to the heavens and chokes whoever or whatever is up there.

Just cause I'm spiritual and shit nowadays, that just means I don't have any regrets. I no longer feel guilt.

My conscience is clear. As well as my mind, heart, whatever else. I also just took a dump, so my bowels are also empty.

Coming down from this rush, I can be calm and patient.

Workhorse mode on.