Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mighty Male

One of my friends asked me, "What's up with all these men saying 'I'm a MAN!'?"

Me: Huh?

She: They do!

Me: I don't.

She: Yeah, right.

Me: Well, when I say it, I'm quoting a line from that Will Ferrel movie, Anchorman.

She: What?

Me: In it, Ferrel is an anchorman, so he says, "I'm a MAN! An anchorman!" It is basically a parody of masculinity in the '70s.

She: ...

Me: Please, continue.

She: To me, when a man says, "I'm a MAN!", he is only saying "I have a DICK!"

Me: Hahahaha!

Well, imagine that. A bunch of men, going around, saying, "I have a DICK!"

And I'd go and say, "I have a DICK! An anchorDICK!"


That is funny.