Monday, July 12, 2010

Identification with Form

I play a lot of roles. I have labels slapped on me, most of it done by me.

I am a writer. An editor. A computer programmer. A filmmaker. A creative person. A man. The Lord of Destruction. The Wolf Beneath the Tree. The Morningstar and generally a really, really, ridiculously good looking guy.

Every time I identify with these labels, these functions, these aspects, these forms, these masks, I am merely restricting myself into a very narrow definition.

My presence, my being, the existence, is so much more than a designation. More than a job. More than just my pretty face.

Coming from a deeper, more basic understanding of your self, appreciating and ultimately accepting it, this is why I can have so much confidence in tackling so many different things and not being afraid of any one or anything.

I have spoken to extremely powerful people in many different fields, and I was and still am that kid from the backwaters of Kuantan who was a bit prissy and bookish. I was and still is just me.

I have done many great and terrible things, but I was and still is just me.

I have made peace with myself. There is no one I would rather be. I do play roles, and that is how I approach certain tasks.

It is important for me to realise that form is form and is just a temporary identity, a fleeting state, while the real me is still at the wheel.

The alternative is insanity or being unconscious, which has only given me grief.

So, know your roles, be aware how you identify with forms - either ones you impose to yourself or what others expect of you - and be aware of your self, the one without the labels. The nameless you. That nameless self, is your truest self, which is you without the mind entering into it.

Maybe I should turn this into a column. Hmmm.