Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wrong Asshole

In my short life, many people told me I was wrong.

I was wrong about this, I was wrong about that. I can't do this, I can't do that.

And one by one, I proved them wrong.

It became a quest of sorts. A reason to not sleep. To go the extra mile. Just to show them that there are more ways to see something than just a fixed perspective from narrow blinders.

And then, I discovered that it was all pointless. People will be people. They will never see it my way, simply because they are not me. They have never seen exactly what I have seen. And I refuse to see it from their vantage point, because I do not want to be anyone else. All our experiences are unique.

It would be unfair for anyone to expect anyone else to share the same truths, because everyone has their own truth. Like everyone has an asshole. And everyone IS an asshole.

I could have allowed myself to be consumed about being right. And I would have been. For the only thing you need to prove yourself right is persistence and effort.

However, there are so many other things worth pursuing. I have seen people whose entire lives were about proving others wrong. About being right. And while in some cases these are very comfortable lives, I do not wish to live their life.

In other cases, their lives were riddled with pain and emptiness. And yet they claim to be fulfilled, simply because they believe being in pain is being right. The currency of pain.

The things I eventually find important - the collection of stuff - is unique. As is with everyone else.

We are all similar in that we are uniquely different.

These days, the only thing I really care about is my work. That one, I need to get it right. As right as I could manage. No more, no less.