Thursday, April 9, 2009

Delirium Notatum

Just took my favourite medicine - benadryl. At twice the reccomended daily dosage. Wheee!

So I Googled Tylenol. Wikipedia says it is actually paracetamol. What? Flava Flav!

Pissed off, I called my source.

Me: Hey. Tylenol is paracetamol.

She: Cannot be! Paracetamol can't be sold in North America. It's something else.

Me: Well. Wikipedia says it's paracetamol. Which is Panadol.

She: No!

And it went on and on and on.

I also checked out Ponstan, which is generally used for period pains.

Damn, man. I could have said something better to the doctor just now.

Doctor: I am giving you Ponstan.

Me: Do I look like a have a bloody vagina to you?

Ba-da bing!

Oh well. Bloody vagina or no, my headache has thankfully disappeared. And with the bernadryl I bought - the generic version - from the pharmacy, I am feeling good.

I got rid of the cold cuts I bought at Carrefour. Since they are the only new things I introduced to my diet and environment in the past few days, I believe they are the culprit.

Thankfully, I have a ready stock of charcoal tablets, immodium, oral rehydration salts and also psyllium husk.

Though I do wish I was given Ibuprofen as well. Ibuprofen + Ponstan + bernadryl + anything with pseudo-epinephrine = yay.

Oh well.

Just an hour or two ago, I was ready to have a cat scan to see whether or not I have a tumor in my head. There is a bulge in the middle of my head, but I always thought that was my brain having an erection.

Okay then. I have mixed the anti-nausea pills with benadryl. I should be brain-dead very soon.


Amir Hafizi

written via Blackberry