Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Information Super High

None of you has the capacity to understand.

I believe in only one thing, in whatever guise it presents itself. The truth.

The 10-year-old inside me wishes to unleash it upon the world. No pretenses. No charades. No facades. No guile. No lies.

But having had some experience with humans, with people, I understand that this world is made up of images and perception as much as cold hard facts. Perhaps more so.

In order for me to survive, for the sake of humanity - and my fate is tied with the fate of humanity - I need to be able to discern what kind of information goes where. To whom.

And I hate that.

So I am making a full announcement. A full revelation of The TRUTH!

I have gas.

Mild diarrhea.

Been shitting since afternoon. I believe it is simply because of all the food I have been eating. Too much, too fast.

So I took a couple of charcoal tablets. Maybe some Eno, if I can go down to the sundry shop later.

But YES!