Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Logics of Cheating

I am privy to a society of whorists and sexplorers who, in turn, share with me stories from hookers.

Apparently, a lot of Malaysian men cheat on their spouses with prostitutes. Dalliances that remain unnoticed...for a few weeks.

Some, cling desperately to their religion and one whore told of the story of a man who cheats on his wife by fucking her, but has one sure way of escaping any moral or religious dilemma.

See, every time the man wants to fuck the girl, he wears a blindfold. Cause if he can't see her, then he can't be considered cheating.


To each his own, but the logic seems flawed. I mean...wut?

I have always maintained that there are only two ways to anything. Complete or nothing at all. Meaning, either you follow ALL the tenets of a religion or you don't. Period.

Some, though, think that it's okay if you get C-. Which is none of my business.

But. Going back to the guy who wears a blindfold while fucking other girls so as not to consider himself a cheat.